Kim Kardashian-West. With a hit reality show, booming business empire, 16 million twitter followers and her "break the internet" body under her belt - she is the Queen of her own self-made kingdom. Post pregnancy Kim has been fearless with her wardrobe choices and has worked the full spectrum since giving birth in June 2013. From belted coats in Paris to her hubbys 'Yeezus' tour merch; Mrs. West's outfits are nothing short of chic. 

I knew the offspring of Kimye would be a fashionable tot but at not even 2 years old it's official little North West has a better wardrobe than I will ever have. With style icon Kim and fashion designer Kanye as parents and personal stylist of her own, North West is set to be world's youngest fashion victim.

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  1. i never used to like her, but this year she's totally changed my mind! she looks amazing these days

    from helen at